Iranian militias’ crimes Vs Arab League

Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, has condemned the Arab League as a “rotten ineffective organization” after it issued a resolution on Sunday strongly condemning the crimes of the Iranian-proxy Hezbollah and Ansarullah militias from Lebanon and Yemen respectively and classified the two militias as terror groups.

In a speech broadcast on Iranian state TV, Rouhani said, “It is unfortunate that, in these circumstances, while the people of the region [a reference to the regime’s proxy militias] have done a great job, Arab foreign ministers in a rotten and ineffective organisation named the Arab League, gathered together and put all their thought and attention behind [supporting] Saudi Arabia – all of them have committed crimes against the Yemeni people and bombed them every day as these Arab ministers expressed their regret, asking why the Yemeni people succeeded in responding to all this bombing by Saudis, after two-and-a-half years of bombing, they [Iranian-backed Houthi militias] fired a missile that hit Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Hence, all the concerns and worries of the Arab ministers are with this issue [the Houthis firing a ballistic missile at Riyadh Airport].”

As usual, Rouhani preferred not to mention the multiple crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Iranian regime and its regional allies and proxies, with over 500,000 Syrians killed to date and millions more displaced since 2011 in the Assad regime’s Iranian-backed war on the Syrian people, and the similar carnage inflicted by the regime’s forces and proxy militias in Iraq and Yemen.