Learn that U.S. is a sworn enemy!


[In this footage, Ali Khamenei is trying to justify why he sees the U.S. as ‘everlasting enemy of Iranian nation’.]

Khamenei says: My dear children, you should appreciate this situation and possibility. You are the generation will take this country to the top. You have many wishes and big ideas. And enmity of enemies has had no impact so far. They couldn’t do a damn thing. The one that I really emphasize on and is the real enemy and does hostile, evil thing is America. It is America.

Khamenei adds: [What I say] is not out of prejudice, and is not because of a pessimistic view. This is the result of experience. It is based on a real, true understanding. It is based on seeing the field. We are observing the field. It is not that they have the only enmity with me, or with Iran’s government. No. They are the enemy of this nation – this nation that has resisted. This nation that doesn’t get tired of confronting the enemy. They are against this. They don’t like this. And they are an enemy with this. As you saw, just recently, head of U.S. government said the Iranian nation is a terrorist nation. Just see how stupid is this view. Do they call a nation terrorist? He didn’t say the leader is terrorist or didn’t say the government is a terrorist. He said the Iranian nation is a terrorist.

Khamenei goes on to say: Is this not enmity? A few years ago, another U.S. statesman said, ‘we should uproot the root of the Iranian nation.’ Idiot! Can you uproot the root of a nation –a nation with such a historical record and with such a strong culture? This is enmity. It is when the enemy has closed its eyes, like a person who can’t see, who can’t correctly calculate. They cannot correctly assess [the situation], and due to lack of ability to calculate, they fail. See. Some say we should somehow deal with America, perhaps this would decrease their enmity.

No. They showed no mercy to those who trusted America, had hopes in America, and went to America for help. Who? Mossadeq. To fight the British and stand against them, he went to Americans.

Khamenei continues: He met with them, negotiated with them, asked [help] from them, and trusted them. The 1953 Coup in Iran was not by the British, but by Americans against Mossadeq. It means that they are not even happy with someone like Mossadeq. They want servants. They want devotees. They want losers. Like who? Like Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Some people imagine that we should appease with America. No matter how much we appease, they become worse. The solution is a confrontation. The solution is resistance. The solution is to continue the path that started with a revolution. Do not forget, dear children, dear young people, do not forget that in this important, bright path which you have and in which you are moving in towards your ideas, the main enemy is America. Do not forget this.