Khamenei’s usual lies!

In a speech delivered last week, Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, reiterated that the theocratic regime would fight the US government and Zionism wherever it was needed, once again exploiting the cause of Palestinian freedom to justify the regime’s slaughter in other Arab nations.

Speaking to Arab Shiite supporters at the ‘Worldwide Conference on Takfiri Issues for Enthusiasts of Ahl-al Bayt [a term referring to Prophet Mohammed’s descendants] in Tehran, which began the previous day Khamenei said, “We explicitly declare that Iran will help, wherever its presence is needed, to confront disbelief and arrogance.”

In the speech, seen here, Khamenei further said, “Thankfully the ‘Islamic’ Republic is at its peak of power and strength, and is standing up; we make our words explicitly and we stand by our words. And we will extend our help to wherever our presence is needed to help in confronting blasphemy and arrogance, and we say that explicitly and we are not afraid to say this issue and in confronting and facing the blasphemous arrogant world. We will not compromise with anyone when expressing this, and we explicitly state our words and the words of our hearts. The key to defeating the enemies is the Palestinian issue and the most important cause of the world of Islam today is the Palestinian issue. Why? Because Palestine is an Islamic country; these people have usurped it and they took it from its own people. This case is not about usurping a village or a city, but Israel has usurped a country and used it as a base to disrupt the security of the countries of the region hence we must fight this cancerous tumor.”