Angry shouts of earthquake survivor!

–More than that is totally different? My wife and children are different? They were crushed in the earthquake? Is it more than that? Look at how this man is crying. Film this, film this. Film this poor man. In IRIB they say 300 people are dead. But more than 3,000 people lost their lives. Where are you, you rascals? Where are you? Where are you hiding yourselves, you rascals? Go kill yourselves. Don’t call yourselves boss. Look at this old man. He doesn’t have a tent.

[An earthquake survivor is very angry with the miserable situation they are all in and with the officials. Following a magnitude 7.3 earthquake in western Iran, hundreds of people lost their lives, and thousands of people were injured. Many lost their houses. What was conspicuous during the relief and rescue operation was people’s total mistrust for the government, as many of them took direct measures to the help the victims.]