Rahimpour Azghadi: we must be ready for global operations!


[In this footage, Rahimpour Azghadi, member of Iran’s Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and one of the theorists of the Iranian regime, is talking about exporting the revolution by sending military units to all over the world.]

Rahimpour Azghadi talks about sending expeditionary forces overseas: Operational brigades used to go the west or the south. Today the forces must become ready to go to North Africa, to East Asia, and to the heart of Europe. We must be ready for global operations. We have grown old. But the next generation must be trained in such a way that they are ready in the next 3 or 4 decades to go to help the Muslim brothers in North Africa, in South Africa, in East Asia, in central Asia, and free the Muslims in the heart of Europe.

Rahimpour Azghadi adds: It has become international. It is already done. We kept saying the revolution would be exported. And now it has happened. Our forces are present in 5 continents and are fighting against global arrogance everywhere. The preparation for emergence [of Imam Zaman] must be made. And an international jihad must start, and no one is to be feared. Islamic Revolution of Iran is the mother of all Islamic revolutions. Khomeini said in the beginning that we will export our revolution, and Iran is the second home to all mujahedins.

Rahimpour Azghadi continues: Could you imagine that in 7 months, four Arabic regimes would collapse? God willing, 3 or 4 more of them [will collapse] in next couple of months or in next couple of years. We must be ready for a global battle. Operation intelligence units, destruction units, and others must be ready after the recent operation. An Islamic republic is being made in Sinai desert and Egypt.