Persian language occupying Syria!

[An IRIB report about Syrians showing interests in learning the Persian language.]

Reporter: One of the issues Syrians pay attention to these days is Persian language and culture. And from all groups, they show interest and become present in language learning classes. And everybody knows that this influence is due to efforts of men who sacrifice their lives.

–Persian language has a special place in Syria. And that is because there is a huge relationship between Iran and Syria, which makes the Persian language, as well as social and political relations, develop in Syria.

Reporter: Syrians even go to listen to lectures held in Persian, and they like to say a few words in Persian, even incompletely.

–Syrian people became happy with liberation by the Syrian army and its allies. And I hope that all places in Syria will be liberated.

Reporter: Iran and the Resistance are the main factors in Persian language becoming common in Syria.

Reporter: There is no doubt that language can be the medium for promoting the culture.

Mojtaba Heidari, IRIB news agency, Damascus