“Why is leader looting Iran’s money to send it to ruins of Iraq?”


[In this footage, an Iranian woman in a protest in Tehran is expressing her anger against the supreme leader Ali Khamenei and the fact that he is spending Iran’s wealth in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, while Iranian themselves are severely suffering from poverty and corruption.]

–We are all depositors [in financial institutes] who have been going and coming with no results – no results from judiciary system, nor from the prosecutor, nor from Inspector Samadi. We got no results. How come the supreme leader [Khamenei] hasn’t noticed they have pocketed our money, but he pays enough attention to send Iran’s wealth to ruins of Iraq? Why should our wealth and the money that belongs to us be sent to Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria, while in our own country, because of poverty and corruption, the youths are forced into theft, and women become prostitutes because of high expenses and being miserable? Why is the leader looting our money and sending it to the ruined country of Iraq? Iran itself is a ruin.