IRGC warns of a 3rd world war!

[A VOA Persian report about IRGC official’s belligerent remark, saying the attack against Iran means 3rd world war. Other IRGC officials are also quoted as bragging about Iran’s military power.]

 The narrator says Anniversary of war with Iraq – reminder of past days and military roots. In days when concerns over Iran’s nuclear program have been followed by international sanctions, and the whole country’s economy is in critical conditions. Suddenly this military official, Brigadier-General Hajizadeh, commander of IRGC Aerospace Forces, astonished everyone and become headline of stories. “Invading Iran means 3rd world war”. This sentence was enough to make a headline, but he wanted to make more emphasis and said, ‘in case of invading Iran, no country in the region will remain impartial.’ Just as a reaction to this story was continuing, IRGC commander entered the scene. Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari – whose last remarks about Iran’s military presence in Syria faced even reactions and refutation of Iran’s foreign ministry. He talked of IRGC’s modern methods of war, calling U.S. military drill in the region useless.

The narrator continues: This former commander also preferred to enter the scene: Yahya Rahim Safavi who, after being removed from the commandment of IRGC, has become the leader’s chief military advisor. Major General Safavi said, ‘we should act aggressively, and step our foot on enemy’s neck.’ Such stories make the experts speculate on Iran’s combat capability. Many believe that Iran, in these final days leading to U.S. presidency, has reached the conclusion that there won’t be any invasions now.

The narrator concludes: Especially now that Bashar Assad is resisting in Syria, and the west, unlike Libya, is not interested in military intervention. But Iran says it has advanced missile industries. And there might be even ballistic missiles among them. But who will choose where and when of the confrontation is an unanswered question – particularly in a country in which all decisions are apparently made by this man [Ali Khamenei].

Massoud Safiri, VOA Persian