No place for poor peddlers in Iran!

This mobile phone footage shared by human rights activists on social media shows Iranian regime local municipality agents in Urmia in Iran’s western Azerbaijan province brutally attacking a defenseless young man who was selling oranges from a cart at the side of the road.

After viciously beating him around the head, they compound their crime against him by confiscating his stall and meager goods, which are his only possessions and the only mean he has of making a living.

His ‘crime’ was apparently not to have sufficient money or merchandise to pay the regime thugs the bribe they extort from street peddlers. The regime personnel act with impunity, knowing that they have carte blanche from the leadership in Tehran to be as brutal and corrupt as they want while their victims dare not complain.

Iran’s spiraling unemployment and economic meltdown have left millions of young people, including graduates, on the brink of destitution and with no means of earning a living, forcing them to turn to street peddling and other desperate efforts to make enough money to live.

In recent years, many street vendors, male and female, young and elderly, have set themselves alight in despairing protest at the relentless persecution and brutality of the regime officials towards them.

Activists and observers have said that the skyrocketing rates of poverty and unemployment are directly attributable to the regime’s massive expenditure on its nuclear program and on its regional wars and militias in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Lebanon, with all these costs swallowing up almost the entire budget.