New anti-ship missile

[An IRIB report about Iran’s anti-ship missiles.]

Reporter: Kowsar – the coast and sea stealth missile. It has FCS or Fire Control System which is very advanced and can confront any electronic jamming. This missile, in accordance with environmental features of the Gulf and Sea of Oman, is designed in two types of radar and TV forms, and the TV type cannot be traced. One of the capabilities of this missile is an automatic correction of the firing line and automatic selection of the next target –i.e. the closest target – in case the first target is no longer accessible, or locking the radar and completely retrieving the missile. Some reports indicate that Israeli destroyers that were sunk in 33-day war by Hezbollah might have been hit with these missiles. Coast to sea missile is equipped with advanced systems of Fire Control System and target finder. And its most important capability is that no diversion system can disrupt this missile guidance.