Iranian state TV interview 13-year-old child soldier in Syria

This footage shows an obviously staged interview from Iranian state TV with a 13-year-old Iranian child soldier in Syria. The boy is one of the child soldiers brought from Iran to Syria to fight for the Tehran regime supposedly “defending the Islamic shrines”, with Iranian troops and senior commanders gathered around the child as he is interviewed.  It should be noted that there are no Shiite or other shrines in Deir el Zour where the interview takes place.

The reporter first tells the young boy, “Introduce yourself.”

The boy replies, “My name is Amir Mehdi Ghozmi Keysari.”

The reporter asks, “Where are you from?”

The boy responds, “I come from Mazandaran province.”

Reporter: “How old are you?”

Boy: “I’m 13 years old.”

The reporter responds proudly, “He’s only 13 years old, a 13-year-old!” before asking the child, “What about the name of this area?”

Boy: “Bukamal.”  

Reporter: “Mashallah, Mashallah.    This small child who comes from Islamic Iran as a shrine defender is here now in the final moments of the Takfiri terrorists as the urban Bukamal district is completely cleared. And here our friends are holding a ‘Salvati Station [an Iranian Shiite ritual celebration].It was very strange for us to see 13-year-old children here like ‘Martyr Fahmideh’ [an Iranian child soldier killed fighting for the regime in the Iran-Iraq war and still celebrated as an iconic heroic figure] still exist.” 

The reporter then asks the child, “Well, what reasons did you come here for?”

The boy, in broken and stumbling words which he’s clearly been instructed to memorize, says, “I asked Hajj Qassem Suleiman [head of Iran’s Quds Force] to allow me to come here as a fighter in love with defending the Shrine of Zeinab [in Damascus].”

Reporter: “Well, tell me, since this is a dangerous war zone and there’s a probability of martyrdom, have you yourself thought about it?”

Boy: “Yes I did.”

Reporter: “So you didn’t worry about that?”

Boy: “No I didn’t, because martyrdom is an honour and a wish of mine.” 

Reporter: “Mashallah, Mashallah. Now that the terrorists have escaped, they exist only in the desert. What’ your emotion now? What are your words to direct to the terrorists and Americans now?”

Boy: “I’m very happy and I want to tell Americans that Islam is victorious forever.”

Reporter: “Now what are your words for your compatriots, my dearest brother?”

Boy: “Support the shrine-defenders.”

Reporter: “What are your words to the martyrs of the shrine-defenders?”

Boy: “Well done to those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of defending the shrines?”

Reporter: “Mashallah, Mashallah; we are on the path to defending Ahl al-Bayt [People of the House, a reference to the family of Prophet Mohammed].” 

The reporter, “what are your words to the martyrs of the shrine defenders?”

The child says, “Well done to those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of defending the shrines”?

The reporter: “Mashallah, Mashallah, we are on the path to defend Ahl al-Bayt[“People of the House or family of  Prophet Muhammad]”.

One of the Iranian commanders present then asks the boy about three of his friends of the same age who were killed in the fighting in Syria, saying, “Three of your peers were martyred can you remember their names?”

The child says, “Martyr Samadi and Martyr Nazari.” 

The reporter says, “Yes, Martyr Samadi and Martyr Nazari, and we, like this great brother, gave many martyrs to defend the shrines, such as Abbas, Ghassem, Ali Asghar, and Ali Akbar. We gave thousands of martyrs, in order to prevent our national security from being threatened as we are in the final days of takfiri terrorists and we owe this to the blood of the martyrs and defenders of Shrines. Inshallah [God willing] for victory for all.”

The Iranian commanders and the child then chant Shiite slogans, “Only for the sake of Zeinab, Only for the sake of Zeinab!”