Even entertainment means war in Iran!


[An IRIB report about 2-day war game of Iran’s Air Force.]

Reporter: Whatever was seen indicated security and power of Iran’s sky – a safe sky that is the gift of brave fighters of Iran’s Air Force for the homeland. The thunderous roar of these fighter jets makes the enemies shake – those enemies who do not want a safe, powerful Iran.

–To defend our country, we are ready to defend this land against any threats.

Reporter: The pilots showed that they are very serious, and are so eager to defend the country. On the second day of war game of Defenders of Velayat, fighter-bomber jets of Sukhoi 24 went from Shahid Babaee Air Base to Anarak region. Their mission was sneak attack and escaping the enemy’s radars. With the presence of surveyors of General Staff of Armed Forces in operational region of Anark, optimized, precision-guided missiles of X25 destroyed the targets on land successfully. For the first time, C-130 aircrafts of Iran Air Force bombed the region.

–Targets were hit. We achieved our goals in this regard. I thank God for giving this second life to my blue-uniformed, green-thinking fellow combatants so that once again they can prove themselves in defending the sacred sanctuary of Velayat.

Reporter: Display of F-4 fighter-bomber jets with successful firing and smart, precision-guided bombs means that each corner of the country’s sky is under the sharp eyes of Iran’s experienced pilots.

Reporter: Using the experience of veteran pilots along with the spirit of self-believing and faith in young pilots of the air force was one of the strong points of 2-day war game in Isfahan.

Mehdi Sedoodeh, IRIB news agency, Shaid Babaee Air Base