Iranian Government did not even express condolences to people!

[In this footage, survivors of the recent powerful earthquake in Kermanshah Province express their anger with the way Iranian officials have reacted to the quake. It was a deadly quake leaving hundreds dead and thousands wounded. Many people have lost their houses and are still living in tents in streets. In relief and rescue operation, Iranian people decided to directly help the survivors of the earthquake, as they have no trust for the Iranian government.]

–Iran’s government didn’t express condolences to us. Why? Why didn’t they express condolences to us?

–They could put a black ribbon in the corner of the TV screen.

-If we were Plasco [building], they would have done everything for us. We have been out for 7 days. Which minister of the government came to express condolences to us? Does that mean that in our government and among all these ministers, they have no condolences to say to us?

–Minister of Housing and Urban Development hasn’t come here?

–Nobody has come.

— Rouhani came once, right?

–We didn’t see anything.

–That was a lot of trouble for him! He came 5 days after [the quake]. We voted for him to be useful to us in days like today.

–Do you attribute Kurdistan’s referendum to us? Because we speak Kurdish? You need us for fighting ISIS, and needed us for the 8-year war [with Iraq]? But today you don’t want us at the time of a God-given disaster? Why? Why isn’t anyone helping us now? Why popular help? Doesn’t Iran have money? Or oil? Doesn’t Iran sell gas? Why should popular help save us? Why should people fight over tents? Rouhani, be accountable! You are the president I voted for. Be accountable! Be accountable! Would you have it if your own wife and children were to sleep in streets? Would you? Will your Iranian honor allow this? Is it our fault that we are Kurds? We live close to borders. Do you understand? No, you don’t understand. After 5 days, they have come to Qasr-e Shirin. And they didn’t even come to Qasr-e Shirin. After 5 days, they came to Sar-e-Pol Zahab. It is Ali Daee who is saving us. The hell with our government. The Iranian government must be ashamed of Kurdish people forever. Shame on this government forever. It should be written in histories. If it weren’t for popular help, we would have died. They announced 3 days of public mourning for us. But for Plasco building, there was one week of public mourning. The whole Kermanshah Province is not as worthy of the Plasco building.