Iran steps to Ghana!

[A medley of two IRIB reports about Iran and Ghana holding joint commission to enhance economic cooperation.]

— a Comprehensive document of the joint commission, document for cooperation in sports, and a document regarding cooperation in mapping and surveying in the geographical sector with Iran’sgeographical organization. Another document is about the land which Ghana government agreed to put in possession of Iran – it is 6,000 hectares.

–Soon we will form joint African market, and Iran, with a presence in Ghana, can export its products to all Africa without any problems and restrictions.

Reporter: In two days of holding joint commission between Iran and Ghana, the private sector was active too.

–Here they are familiar with tractors manufactured in Iran. Therefore, with launching an assembly line of production, West Africa [market] can be covered from here.

-Presently, we have reached an agreement about a big project with Ghana water organization and Ghana Water Ministry. This project is about transferring water from Weija Dam in the north-west of Accra to the city of Accra.

–With necessary training and transferring science and technology, we will help so that Ghana’s Environment Ministry can meet its requirements for development in land and aerial survey, GIS, and issues related to the science of mapping and surveying.


Reporter: Iranian pistachio and saffron – gifts for Ghana Vice President.

–There are extraordinary capacities for cooperation in different dimensions in agriculture, industry, the pharmaceutical industry, cement, and dam-building. And luckily officials of both countries

are resolved to actualize these capacities.

Ghana Vice President: We gave 6,000 hectares of land to Iran so that they can use our water and land resources for planting products such as rice.

Reporter: Now, using these potential capacities has come closer to become reality more than any other time. For example, this project: opening ceremony for construction of cement factory in Ghana.