Earthquakes, a divine test!

This footage from Iran’s state-run Channel 3 shows an address by a regime cleric speaking about the recent devastating earthquake, in which he tells the audience that rather than awaiting help from the government, the people should bear full responsibility for the rescue efforts and help the injured as much as possible, adding that earthquakes are a test by God.

The cleric says, “As a matter of fact, people who see disaster and are subject to God’s test, they provide a lesson for the other people, hence we must give alms and do good works to avert such disasters. These are divine tests, and those dear people whose family members were injured in this incident should not pin hope on getting helped by the government and others, however much they can help spiritually and materially; instead those dear people who survived this incident should solve their problems, inshallah, and we Mullahs are praying for them.

And these earthquakes should really be a reminder of the great Resurrection earthquake. As you know, one of the Quran’s Surahs is called ‘Zelzal’ [earthquake]. These earthquakes in this world will end, and this [the deaths caused by the recent earthquake] means release from the cage of this world and this body. But the most important earthquake issue concerns the earthquake on the Day of Judgment, and these earthquakes are, inshallah, warnings to us to prepare ourselves for the greatest earthquake on the Day of Judgment, as we need to build ourselves up so as not to allow a danger to threaten us there.”

The TV presenter ends the program by saying, inshallah, inshallah, it is very good.