BBC Dari for Afghanistan, a political purpose!

[In this IRIB report, BBC is accused of conspiracy theory, to create division among Afghans and other Persian-speaking people.]

TV anchor: Following British media policies in creating ethnic and linguistic division in Afghanistan, there have been many protests both in London and Kabul.

Reporter: BBC has decided to use the title of BBC Dari instead of BBC Persian for Afghanistan’s news and internet pages, and has started it with changing the title of its Facebook page.

–We disagree with this because we see a political purpose behind this.

Reporter: The critics say this is a measure for creating division and distinction between the language of Afghanis with other Persian-speaking people.

–In general, Britain’s policy in the region has always been divide and rule.

Reporter: Now, protests against this mischievous act of BBC have reached Afghanistan’s parliament.

–If BBC doesn’t reconsider its treasonous decision in this regard, we can stage our protests in front of all BBC offices in Afghanistan, and even in front British embassy. We will do anything within the boundary of law and civil protests.

Reporter: In a media campaign, Afghans have asked for ‘un-liking’ BBC pages on the Internet.