Ahmadinejad’s enmity toward Iran’s judiciary!


[In this footage, former president Ahmadinejad is severely attacking Iran’s judiciary system, accusing it of doing injustice. This is Ahmadinejad’s reaction to financial charges brought up against his vice president Hamid Baghaee. During Ahmadinejad’s presidency, many Iranian activists were arrested and imprisoned by the judiciary in Iran, but he never objected to any of those cases.]

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says: His powers are extraordinary. Even more than the leader himself. It is the only branch of which there is not monitoring. They say, ‘we have no role [in anything].’ And yet they meddle with everything. Then how can you say you have no role? The performance of the judiciary branch is absolutely on the decline. Now the whole country is in danger, meaning that there is no hope for doing justice. And they don’t move from their positions. Have you even once been to prison to see for yourself? Have you ever been to the court to see how they treat people?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues: My friend has been wronged. I am giving you hundred pieces of evidence and reason that there has been an injustice. Does that mean that when someone is Ahmadinejad’s friend, you can wrong him however you want? And no one has the right to speak up? No matter how much we protest, they don’t listen. The worst case is when someone wants to complain in the judiciary branch themselves. Who on earth are you to see yourself as above people, and above the law? And then they take an anti-corruption position, saying ‘it is because we are countering corruption.’ You are fighting corruption?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad adds: They are obviously acting against the leader’s view, against the constitution, and against the ordinary law. It means a political decision in a judiciary disguise. This is disgracing. In my opinion, they have very much dishonored Iran with what they have done. Where in the world will they convict the attorney? If you give the indictment they have issued to a first-year law student, he will laugh at it. And they don’t want it to become public. And if somebody makes it public, they will file a lawsuit against him, saying that he has leaked the content of the case. If we wanted a dictatorship of the judiciary branch, we had it before [the revolution in Iran]. What does treating people this way mean? Does that mean that people have no right?