New missile system for Yemen!

[An IRIB report about new Yemeni missile system. Yemeni military official threatens to target civilian passengers and airline companies at civilian airports.]

Reporter: Yemen naval force unveiled a new missile system called Al Mandar 1. This missile can destroy any targets with 300 km. Military sources of Yemen naval force announced that closing entrances to Yemen will have disastrous consequences, and warships of coalition forces and their ports will become targets of Yemeni missiles.

–It is with pride and glory that we see such a power has been achieved only with help of Yemeni experts, which is a sign of valuable efforts of those brothers who are doing this.

Report: Yemeni defense minister, in a press conference, warned airline companies about the presence in the airports of Saudi alliances, saying that these airports have become military targets. At the same time, two days after firing a missile towards King Khalid Airport, the army and popular committees fired another ballistic missile of Qaher M2 against Saudi Arabia’ al-Jarb military base at Dhahran.

–We ask all passengers and airline companies not to become present in Saudi and Emirati airports. Because these airports are our legal military targets of our missiles.

Reporter: Recent unexpected military incidents have disrupted Saudi’s calculations, and they have no choice but intensifying siege of Yemen and increasing military attacks, which included even their own embassy. And Saudis even bombed their own embassy.