Khamenei, the creator of regional terrorism

This satirical video produced by a TV channel run by the party of the Iranian opposition-in-exile, the Mojahedin-e Khalq,  shows clips from a speech by Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani to Iranian regime officials, intercut with footage of an MEK member dressed as a mullah, complete with robes and a turban, ‘responding’ to Rouhani’s questions.

In the speech, Rouhani first asks the assembled officials, “Who has brought all this devastation to the region?”

The ‘mullah’ responds, “Vali-e Faqih” [Ali Khamenei, the head of the ‘Vilayat-e Faqih’ or ‘Leadership of the Jurist’ regime]

Rouhani next asks the officials, “Who has destroyed Iraq?”

The ‘mullah’ again answers, “Ali Khamenei.”

Rouhani asks, “Who assisted the terrorists?”

The ‘mullah’ replies, “Vali-e Faqih”

Rouhani asks, “Who created the terrorists?”

The ‘mullah’ holds up a caricature of Khamenei looking particularly evil, and says, “Mr. Vali-e Faqih.”

The video concludes with Rouhani saying, “There’s a lot to be said, you don’t care much about this.”