Mousavi, Karroubi are not under house arrest!

[Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Supreme National Security Council of Iran, claims that leaders of Green Movement in Iran, Mousavi, Karroubi, and Rahnavard, are not under house arrest. These people have been under house arrest since 2011.]

Ali Shamkhani talks about Iran’s military power: Look, at some point, Americans made a bomb, and called it ‘mother of all bombs’. In Bush era. They made a lot of military and defense noise. And it had no benefits. Since they made the mother of all bombs until now that Iran has become a powerful, developed country, it shows such measures and such baseless mothers will have no impacts on fundamental measures of Iranian people in defending their religious, territorial and national identity.

Ali Shamkhani talks about house arrest: Its reason is quite obvious. It took place in 2010, after 2009 [presidential] election. It is not right to use the expression ‘house arrest’. Today, those people [Mousavi and Karroubi] are not under house arrest.

–Can I see them?

Ali Shamkhani: Not you. But they can see whoever they want to. Whoever they want to can visit them. Just as they wanted to see Doosti, and he went [to see them]. They asked for Doosti. Karroubi wanted to see him.