Cinema at service of ideology!

[An IRIB report about a movie called “Hello”. This movie uses cinema to indirectly propagandize Iran’s ideological war in Syria.]

–What kind of going to school is this?

–Has my dad got martyred?

–Who said so?

–People say so. They say, ‘your dad got martyred’.

–Let them say so.

Reporter: When the seventh art hosts children of righteous men called defenders of the shrine, in a movie called “Hello”.

–A boy whose father is one of the defenders of the shrine. He has heard that everyone should say hello and saying hello is very good. But he is negligent about it. Then he makes a vow to say 1,000 hellos.

–Hello, Agha Eshaq.

–Hello, dear boy.

Reporter: This is a movie that for the first time recounts the story of sacrifices of martyrs of defenders of the shrine, not in a documentary atmosphere, but within the framework of the fictional story, far away from invasion and mortars.

–We went outside this apartment atmosphere of Tehran. Secondly, the story of one of the children of defenders of the shrine was placed within another story – which was the main story and in this case, it was about saying hello. And the two stories moved parallel with each other.

Reporter: “Hello”, with cinematic language and with a different style, goes behind the scene of lives of defenders of the shrine.

–It was very different. To tell you the truth, it had a particular feeling.

-One has a certain feeling, and that is a sense of satisfaction that comes after the job: that I did something for martyrs to whom we are so indebted.


–Hello, dear son.

Reporter: Movies like “Hello”, with a change of perspective towards the issue of martyrs of defenders of the shrine, can help the audience in understanding the thoughts of these martyrs and patience of their families.

Sedighi, Journalists’ Club, Yazd