Pakistan promises to wipe out Iran off the map!

[A report about Pakistan’ strong reaction to any threats of Iran against Saudi Arabia.]

Narrator: After tensions in the relationship between Saudi and Iran, Saudis who were waiting for such an opportunity started looking for partners against Iran. Therefore, two days after a trip of Saudi FM Adel al-Jubeir to Pakistan, Saudi Defense Minister Muhammad bin Salman, too, went to Islamabad.

The narrator adds: In his meeting with Raheel Sharif, Chief Commander of Pakistan Army, Sharif strongly supported Saudis, and said Pakistan will respond to any threats against Saudi Arabia from Iran. With even a stronger language, he said, ‘we will wipe out Iran off the map.’ A U.S. internet network called New Network News interpreted these remarks by Chief Commander of Pakistan Army as Pakistan’s nuclear threat against Iran. With its nuclear weapons, Pakistan openly threatens to attack Iran. Meanwhile, the westerners keep calling Iran as a great danger for the security of the region and the world, despite the fact that it has advanced its nuclear activities under the supervision of IAEA.