Trump backstabs designer of anti-Iran sanctions!

[An IRIB report about recent disputes between U.S. president and some U.S. senators.]

Reporter: Trump has started an altercation with senators, which is unprecedented in U.S. history. Bob Corker, the designer of anti-Iran sanctions, who once said Iran is buying time with JCPOA, has called Trump a dishonest president.

–The president and people around him have created a daycare center in the White House.

Reporter: U.S. president immediately twitted that Corker cannot become even a dog catcher – an expression pointing to the lowest level for politicians. Due to the intensification of differences among influential figures in the Congress and Donald Trump, now some people are asking about impeaching the president. To the extent that Jeff Flake of Arizona says:

–Here in Congress, we should do something to stop Trump’s insane, disgusting and poisonous behaviors.

Reporter: I talked to John Perkins, a well-known U.S. author, who is famous for his book, New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

-I cannot understand Trump’s character. Who can really understand Trump? An insane man has become the president of a country whose structure is very, very treacherous.

Reporter: Perkins says eventually this treacherous structure will manage the insane president.

Reporter: Apart from missile sanctions, we should wait and see what will happen to exhausted, wounded JCPOA, which Trump has sent to the Congress.

Kamran Najafzadeh, IRIB news agency, New York