Araki workers shout against injustice!

[In this footage, workers of two factories in Arak, Iran, are staging a protest against non-payment of wages, as well as the way the law enforcement forces have treated them. Anti-riot police had attacked and beaten these workers, which ended up in injuring some of them.]

 — Iran is like a spider web. It only catches small insects. Where are Atarian and Saeedi who gouged money and escaped? Why can’t they arrest them? Why can’t you get them? But you are ready to beat more than thousand people with a baton? The moral lesson is: believe that the police are with the thieves. Why are you hiding this? You can’t do anything. Be sure. Those who are shutting down the factory feel at ease. The police and this governor are on their side. Be sure. Do as you wish, and be sure. We can’t do anything in so far as this is our condition. How much have we walked? How much have we taken to streets? All people of the world know Hepco by name. In our own house, they are not thinking about us. You turn on the TV, it is all about Myanmar, Lebanon, Gaza. And I don’t have anything to eat. I can’t provide for my family. What religion is this? What kind of Muslims are they? And now it has started: Imam Hossein. Imam Hossein was 1,400 years ago. And now you are beating the drum over the heads of my hungry wife and children. What is this drum? They get a 3-meter drum and carry it with a pick-up truck.

–Keep quiet. It is for the police force. Special Unit 3 that has worn the sacred clothes of the police. Mr. Policeman, aren’t you the protector of people’s lives, property and honor? Wasn’t it just last February when we praised you? Didn’t we say that your clothes are sacred? Didn’t we say that our brave youths are wallowing in their own blood in these clothes to preserve the regime? Today, workers of Hepco take to streets. Have they attacked anyone? Have they broken the trees? Have they broken the window? Why on Wednesday did you make our faces bloody? Why did you disrespect us? How do you want to answer to that? Who is responsible for that? How long should we come here? In front of Governor’s Office and other places? Who should we talk to about our problems and pains? What should our council do? How much longer should they go to Privatization Organization? How many meetings should they go to? Look at our culture. What should we do? Aren’t we your countrymen? Aren’t we from the same religion and faith? How can we make you understand that we have problems? We are not going to curse you, or swear at you, because you are our countrymen. But I have a question from you, from you who shoot tear gas towards us. Today your child went to school. Today your daughter or your son went to school. Thank God, they were wearing new clothes, and they had new stationaries and were proud. But don’t forget that my colleague’s innocent daughter is sitting right next to her. I swear to God I saw this. She was telling her father, ‘dad, I don’t want uniform, I don’t need new dress. Just don’t come home injured and bloody. Don’t go anywhere where they hit and injure you. All I want is you.’ Do you understand pain? Do you understand suffering? How much should we say this? It is not good for a man to cry. It is not good for him to sigh. I swear to God that we are exhausted. How should we tell you? Dear Governor, dear fellow citizen, dear brother, how much should we tell you that our life is falling apart? I swear to God that we are exhausted. I swear to God the night before the day we want to come to streets, we hold our breaths. And we feel bad. We are not happy that BBC shows us. We are not happy that we have no security. My dear, I say it again. Pay my salary, arrest the person who did this to us, and then if anyone comes out of Hepco, shoot them. No one would say anything. Mr. Policeman, remember who you shot. These were people who built bulldozers, who built graders. Do you know which graders? The ones that when our compatriots were trapped in snow, he found hope for life by seeing their lights. And his wife and children were saved. That bulldozer that raised its blade and stood up to Ba’athists so that no bullets can hit our soldiers. As for Azar Ab that when its name is mentioned, all wielders of the world back off. They have carried out all the projects in Iran. How could you hurt them? How could you see tears on face of their innocent children? Do you want to answer the