The criminal Iran killed Zahra Kazemi

[In this footage, a cleric is admitting that Zahra Kazemi was murdered in Iran. Kazemi was an Iranian-Canadian freelance photographer who was raped, tortured and killed by Iranian officials following her arrest in Iran.]

Cleric asks: My question is: North American and European youths who are addressed in Khamenei’s letter, don’t they have girlfriends? Don’t they have dogs? Don’t they go to pool with bikinis? Agha [Khamenei] is writing to these very young people. It is not that he says, ‘go to the west and find youths who are very committed, religious Muslims, who say their night prayers so that I can talk to them.’ Incidentally, that is why I say that if we act naively and damage hijab, we have helped the enemy. It means that if I, as Friday mass prayer leader of a city, say hijab is ruined and because of that the rivers have become dry, this is helping the enemy and playing their game. This is what I am saying. I say if IRIB makes a program about hijab, but acts naively, this is helping the enemy.

Cleric talks about Zahra Kazemi: For example, Mohammad Nourizaed comes to the court, is on hunger strike, and is about to die. And if he dies, it will be a story like that of Zahra Kazemi and will be costly for Iran. In Zahra Kazemi’s case, which evidence show it was murder –listen to me – and it is clear who did it – that person who was very costly for Iran. Ever since [Zahra Kazemi’s death] our relationship with Canada could not have been fixed, and we are paying a lot for it in the world. I say when Mohammad Nourizad’s hunger strike might end up in his death and might be costly for the regime, then free him, bring a doctor for him and take care of him.

Cleric continues: In the story of Arash Sadeghi, about which public audience did not know anything. When the regime, establishment, hezbollahis, and IRIB lost, then there was a report about it on TV that night. What I am saying is that when something like this is happening and you are losing, play the game correctly. If somebody comes and says, ‘freedom is good’, and I say, ‘no, freedom belongs to the west,’ then this is wrong because our audience is in America and in Europe as well. There are other places as well. And I am not talking about Qom’s seminary.