Fighting with PMF become a religious duty!

This footage from the Iranian regime’s Arabic-language Al Alam TV channel shows a speech by Hadi al-Ameri, the former Iraqi transport minister and head of the Tehran-backed Badr Organization, lauding the fatwa [religious edict] issued by Shiite clerics ordering young men to come forward and fight for the Iranian proxy ‘Popular Forces’ (Hashd Shaabi) militias, of which the Badr Organization is one.

In the footage, Ameri says, “In these circumstances, a blessed fatwa has been issued by the Marjaya supreme [Shiite] religious authorities. At this fatwa, young Iraqis marched forth remarkably. Hundreds of thousands of youths took up arms to defend Iraq. Therefore, we assert that if it wasn’t for this fatwa, given the collapse of the military establishment at the time, along with the positive response of the Iraqi people and the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the beginning, Iraq would have been finished by now.

As to the PMF, it is a military formation that includes all Iraqis, and is considered to be an essential part of the Iraqi security services. The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces leads it. In addition, this matter needs no further explanations, especially after the explanation provided by the Prime Minister to his US counterpart, that the PMF is part of the Iraqi security establishment, and has been established by virtue of a law passed by the parliament. Moreover, it performs its duties under the command of the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces. Its mission is to liberate the occupied territories. PMF will continue to carry out its mission. You wonder whether it will be dismantled. Absolutely not! It will not be dissolved. Look at the policy of double standards when you tell the Americans they should pull their troops out of Iraq, and they say the situation requires that the US troops should stay in the country. This paradoxical policy of double standards should end.”