Even if U.S. frowns, Iran does not care!


[In this footage, FM Mohammad Javad Zarif is responding to Trump’s remarks against Iran.]

Mohammad Javad Zarif says: We are not like countries of the Gulf region that would immediately go to Camp David as soon as the U.S. frowns. And we are not like those countries that upon seeing a smile in sword dance of Mr. Trump, would get intoxicated with this support, feeling head over heels.

Mohammad Javad Zarif continues: Thanks to people’s honorable and glorious presence in past 40 years, the country could have passed through all pressures, sanctions, wars, and invasions successfully. And those who put pressure on Iran and those who invaded Iran are today nothing but a historical lesson.

Mohammad Javad Zarif adds: And Iranian people – more honorable than the first day, more unwavering than the first day, more powerful than the first day – are present. In so far as you people are with us, with the regime and with the country, mudslinging of people like Trump cannot harm a bit the people’s perseverance, people’s progress, people’s defense and people’s resistance, and our people’s honor and pride.