Hariri resignation, a slam for Iran and Hezbollah


In this excerpt from his resignation speech made on Saturday, November 4, former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri strongly condemns the Iranian regime and Hezbollah, hinting that his resignation was driven by concern that he might be targeted for assassination by Hezbollah, as his father Rafic Hariri was in 2005.

He says, “We are living through times similar to those before the assassination of Rafic Hariri [Saad Hariri’s father, the former Lebanese PM, assassinated by Hezbollah on February 14, 2005]. I am aware of what is being plotted to target my life. Abiding by the principles, I learned from Rafic Hariri and following the principles of the great Arz revolution, and because I wouldn’t accept letting down the Lebanese people, therefore I resign from my post in the Lebanese cabinet.

In all honesty and without any equivocation with Iran, which only brings destruction, desolation and disorder wherever it goes, interfering in internal affairs of Arab states, such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and Yemen, in the past decades Hezbollah was sadly able to create a de facto situation by the power of its weaponry, which they claim is for resistance, but is being used against our Syrian and Yemeni brothers, and even the Lebanese people.”