The attack on Riyadh, an Iranian perspective!

[An IRIB report about Yemeni missile attack against Riyadh airport. White House blamed Iran for a missile attack on Saudis, saying ‘We condemn the Iranian regime’s activities and stand with Saudi Arabia and all our Gulf partners against Iranian regime’s aggression and blatant violations of international law. These missile systems were not present in Yemen before the conflict, and we call upon the United Nations to conduct a thorough examination of evidence that the Iranian regime is perpetuating the war in Yemen to advance its regional ambitions.’]

 Reporter: Yemeni missiles targeted the heart of Saudi Arabia. Yemeni ballistic missile, Borkan, after passing 1000 km, hit King Khalid AirPort in Riyadh and disrupted everything in Saudi Arabia. After 3 years of war against Yemen, this is the first time Saudi Arabia is so deeply wounded. Even though mobile images of Saudi citizens and a report by Saudi Civil Aviation Organization confirm the missile strike, U.S. president, amidst his Asian lobbying, has claimed U.S. system located in Saudi Arabia have intercepted the missile. Donald Trump also said it was Iran’s doing. However, IRGC commander announced that it is not possible to transfer missile to Yemen, and the launched missiles belonged to Yemenis, who reconstructed them and increased their range.