JCPOA lifeline, what about Germany?

[An IRIB report about reflection of Trump’s speech in Germany.]

The reporter says: Currently, the reaction of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to Trump’s speech is only the joint statement with Britain and France, saying since JCPOA is to their national interests, they will stay committed to it. Sigmar Gabriel, German Foreign Minister, has said destroying JCPOA would mean that nobody would trust in any international agreements any longer, and Trump’s speech might push Europeans closer to a joint position with Russia and China against the U.S.

–Trump’s speech is dangerous and has created global concern. An end to the nuclear deal with Iran would mean that nobody would trust in any international agreements any longer.

The reporter adds: Meanwhile, German media reacted to this issue, and Spiegel called Trump in love with such bombastic, explosive words. And Deutsche Welle predicted that in case of rescinding JCPOA, Europeans will have a lot to lose. Frankfurter Allgemeine also asked ironically, “What do Americans gain by rescinding JCPOA?” Now that Mogherini has clearly stated her position, saying JCPOA is not a bilateral agreement and the U.S. cannot violate it, everybody is expecting to hear Europeans announce their positions in EU.

Reporter concludes: On Monday, foreign ministers of EU will hold a session in Luxemburg to go over Trump’s recent speech more.

Amir Shojaee, IRIB news agency, Berlin