“Don’t mourn for Karbala; mourn for the starving in Iran!”


This footage shows a desperate homeless Iranian woman clutching her baby as she weeps, saying that she’s homeless and living in a tent due to extreme poverty.

She is scornful of the fake piety of many supposedly devout citizens, saying, “Don’t mourn for Karbala and the killing of Hussein [a venerated figure in Islam killed in a 7th century battle in the Iraqi city], but mourn for Iranians who live in poverty and become homeless.”

Addressing a housing authority official, the woman says, “Karbala is in Iran – come here and mourn and flagellate yourselves for these Iranian women who lost their honour [after being forced into prostitution by poverty]; mourn for the children who are starving to death; mourn for the families who’ve been made homeless. Which cleric [Mullah] in the country is homeless so that his situation is like mine, living in a tent? Why does nobody hear my voice? Why do officials just give me documents and tangle me up here and there? Why, when I say that I’m going to talk about my situation, do you tell me, “They’ll kill you [for talking]”? Am I saying or doing anything wrong that they can kill me for it? Is it because people are pretending to be confused or they don’t want to understand what’s going on? Can it really be that the officials don’t know what my pain is like? I’ve been living in a tent for three months! They aren’t like me though; they haven’t experienced this kind of situation and they don’t know what cold and hot mean, so how can they understand when the rain comes under my son’s feet in the tent?

Why are they spending money in other places and we never know how the money was spent? We have many beggars, many wretched people – come and see what sort of situation we’re living in.”