“Trump, the fool president”!


[Iran’s defense minister reacts to the new strategy of U.S. president regarding Iran.]

 Brigadier-General Hatami says: One the last scenes of this process is this strategy announced by foolish, stupid president of the U.S. Even though he foolishly announced this, we know that it is a hostile strategy. And when we look at the features of this strategy in the field of defense, we can see that it is targeting the defense capacity of Iran. Putting sanctions on Iran Revolutionary Guards and putting sanctions on defense power especially on missile capability and regional capacities of Iran means targeting strategic defense of Iran –about which I will say more in the second part of my talk if there is time.

Brigadier-General Hatami continues: They are certainly following different goals by this strategy, but we still witness in our regional goals that Iran-phobia continues with this merchant-like president for selling huge weapons and launching an arms race in the region so that they can keep plundering the wealth of Muslim nations in the region. They say, ‘you are interfering in the region.’ That is a lie. Even though it is none of their business, it is a lie. Iran has not been and will not be present in any region without the governments’ request and legitimately. Meanwhile, based on active, preemptive, defense measures, we will not allow the formation of any threats against Iran, and we will powerfully defend the people, the country, the regime, and our religious values.

Brigadier-General Hatami adds: And we will not wait for any one’s permission for this. At the same time, with good intention, we will try for stability and security of the region and nations in the region. And we are sure that the main current of truth will be victorious. And falsehood, like a bubble, won’t last. “We desired to show favor unto those who were oppressed in the earth, and to make them examples and to make them inheritors.” [Holy Quran] Salawat!

–Peace be on Mohammad and his family.

Brigadier-General Hatami goes on to say: This is a brief mention of processes that, as I said, has a special place in futurology. Right now, we are implementing defense plan in the 12th government. I want to briefly point out to the place of futurology in formation and evolution of this plan. In a four-year period, there was an organizational work for a ten-year assessment. This ten-year assessment took place with efforts of our friends and with using technics of futurology. In this estimate, we analyzed the large security environment in the defense ministry. This environment included defense-security environment and technological environments. The result of this analysis was achieving two forming forces of the defense ministry in future, which included development in missions and rearranging defense capabilities. The connecting link of these two – i.e. missions and capabilities – is defense requirement.