No war shall happen!

[In this footage, IRGC commander Mohammad Ali Jafari talks about range of Iranian missiles, which was set by Iranian leader’s policy, as well as expressing his doubts about U.S. going to war with Iran.]

Major-General Jafari talks about missile range: Yes, the range of our missile is limited due to the supreme leader’s policy in this regard. This range is 2000 km, even though we can increase this range. But this range and missile capability are enough for us. Because Americans have sufficient forces, capacities and interests in this region and within 2000 km for us to respond to them, in case they make any desperate moves.

Major-General Jafari talks about the possibility of U.S.-Iran war: Without any doubts, we do not predict any wars. That is because Americans are scared of consequences of war with Iran. And they know certainly that if they want to start this war between America and Iran, they will surely be the losers. And their victory is not guaranteed at all. Therefore, they will not start such a war. So they are after realizing their goals through soft war and economic pressure.