Iran’s flotilla at Russian Makhachkala port!

[A medley of two reports about Iranian flotilla going to a Russian port.]

Reporter: The 6th flotilla of peace and friendship of strategic naval forces of Iran – consisting of Damavand destroyer and Peykan missile launching vessel – reached Russian Makhachkala port. The commander of a navy regiment of Russia’s Caspian flotilla, after visiting Damavand destroyer, emphasized on friendly relations among neighbors, particularly Iran.

–I can say that today we just don’t have a good neighbor, but an excellent, historical neighbor.

–The goal of such trips is first actualizing the measures of the supreme leader. And second, it aims at creating absolute friendship and solidarity among neighboring countries in this sea.

Reporter: After this visit, a military delegation of Iran’s friendship and peace flotilla met with Mossa Mosayev, the highest official in the Dagestan Republic. Later, the commanders of Iranian flotilla too visited Dagestan frigate at Makhachkala port.

Reporter: In the meetings that took place between the commanders of peace and friendship flotilla of the army’s navy with Russian military and political officials, both sides stressed on deepening and expanding relations in different fields.

Abbas Rasouli, IRIB news agency, Makhachkala

Reporter: The brave white uniform wearing men of army’s navy once again have the message of peace and friendship for friends. This time – on the other side of the Caspian Sea. Damavand destroyer and Peykan which is a missile launching vessel are strongly moving in the sea to leave no doubt that we are standing alert and powerful.

–The biggest achievement of the friendship of neighbors’ naval forces in the Caspian Sea is sustainable security, which currently exists in this sea of peace and friendship. And perhaps it can be said that this is the biggest message for the whole world that security in this sea must be provided with powerful hands of the neighbors, and interference of foreigners will never be needed.

Reporter: During the trip to Russian Makhachkala port, in which God’s name was always mentioned, the forces did all sorts of drills

–This destroyer is the symbol of the war of resolve and sanctions, and currently, with this destroyer, we are carrying the message of peace and friendship of our country, nation and the supreme leader to Russia.

Reporter: Deploying the flotilla of peace and friendship of strategic naval forces of the army of Iran was according to a pre-planned schedule.

Reporter: This is the 6th trip of the flotilla of the strategic naval force of the army of Iran for declaring the message of peace and friendship.