Trailer of Money and Porn!

[Trailer of documentary film, called “Money and Porn”, about systematic prostitution of Iranian girls in Dubai.]

–He said, ‘I will call you Manelli.’ I said, ‘what does Manelli mean?’ He said, ‘King of the fish’.

Narrator: Now Manelli and Alex have launched a network of escort girls. Escort service is systematic prostitution.

–Both of us are going now. These are our last minutes. We are going very well. This is the airport. And all these are going now.

Narrator: Dubai is the city of skyscrapers, modern towers, and lure.

–I am Lenni from Iran.

–I am Elisa from Iran.

Narrator: Photos and video clips of girls are uploaded on the website, and are sent to thousands of clients.

–He really made me cry. I don’t know where you found him. Clients shouldn’t … for 100,000 tomans, 200,000 tomans.

Narrator: Alex’s network has just begun!