Nuclear Armament, Trump is responsible!

[An IRIB report about the reaction of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament to Trump’s remarks. Iran itself is accused of pursuing nuclear weapons which will make the world and region more unsafe.]

Reporter: London. The annual summit of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament with the presence of representatives from different countries of the world. A large part of the meeting was spent on reacting to new approaches of U.S. president.

–From the first day when Trump took the office, he was hostile with JCPOA and was after destroying it. And he did all he could for violating this agreement. U.S. administration, with its policies, expedited increase in military budgets of countries, development of nuclear threats, inattention to environmental problems and extremism in the world, making the world a dangerous place.

Reporter: Joseph Pearson, who had come from the U.S. to take part in this summit, called Trump’s threats against countries as an example of nuclear terror and terrorism.

–So far led by the U.S., the countries that have nuclear weapons have decided to renovate and strengthen it. This process has made the world more unsafe and more dangerous.

Reporter: Caroline Lucas, Green Party’s representative in British Parliament, considered the existence of 50,000 nuclear bombs and warheads in the world that are in possession of 9 countries a serious threat against the world peace and security. And she saw the U.S. president as responsible for this dangerous situation.

–With his threatening slogans and behaviors, Trump is busy adventuring in the south and east Asia. And with one mistake in calculation or a wrong behavior, there will be a destructive war with unpredictable consequences. Trump’s approaches are not only nuclear threats but have made racist and violent bullying ordinary.

Reporter: German head of International Peace Organization saw Europe as an accomplice in U.S. belligerence because of taking part in America’s recent 40 wars, emphasizing on the necessity of change in Europe’s behavior regarding the U.S.

–Expanding NATO, militarizing the world and boosting the armies are due to the same approach. And of course, for controlling China’s economic power by military force. And since their economic power is limited, they provide their military budget by cutting on their education, health and welfare budgets.

Reporter: Speakers in the annual summit of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in London had different views about development of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, but they were unanimous on one issue: the fact that approaches and policies of U.S. president have made the world more unsafe and unstable, pushing the countries to have nuclear weapons for defending themselves and strengthening their bargaining power.

Mojtaba Ghassemzadeh, IRIB news agency, London