U.S. gambles over creditability!


[An IRIB report about responses to U.S. President Trump’s new strategy against Iran.]

The reporter says: Now some members of U.S. Congress say that they have prepared the plan for changing JCPOA, aiming at the permanent ban on enrichment and countering Iran’s missile program. U.S. president says that if for any reason, there is a problem, it is seriously possible for America to pull out of JCPOA. Minutes later, Khoshroo said here in UN that America did a wrong thing, and JCPOA is non-negotiable and cannot be changed. The same was said earlier by FM Zarif in UN.

Zarif: JCPOA is nonnegotiable.

The reporter adds: President Rouhani, in Millennium Hotel, told us that so far, U.S. has not fulfilled its obligations. So what more negotiations?

Hassan Rouhani: JCPOA is not negotiable. JCPOA is not amendable. There will not be any amendments to JCPOA. There will not be any reforms and changes besides JCPOA.

The reporter continues: Except for Israel and Saudi Arabia that would do anything for America, Europe is on Iran’s side. Mrs. Moghrini, EU representative, will go again to the White House in next few days for the nth time, to tell the U.S. president that the ball that he has thrown into the Congress court might become an own goal! UN Secretary-General has asked it exactly 14 times that JCPOA must be preserved.

Reporter concludes: The owner of the biggest gambling houses in the world is tempted these days to gamble over the U.S. credibility.

Kamran Najafzadeh, IRIB news agency, United Nations