Assad, the obedient son of Iran!

Speaking during a visit to Damascus on Wednesday prior to talks with Bashar al-Assad on increasing military cooperation with the Iranian regime, the Iranian military Chief of Staff said that Iran would not tolerate violations of Syrian sovereignty by Israel, vowing that the two countries would jointly fight Syria’s enemies.

Bagheri said, “It is unacceptable that the Zionists will attack Syria from the ground and air at any time. As much as the Syrian army and people are upset and resentful at these aggressions, we have the same feeling in Iran, and we will remain with the Syrian army and people in confronting these threats. Respect for territorial sovereignty and the sovereignty of all countries’ borders, including Iraq, Syria and the other countries of the region means considering them to be part of its unchanging policy. And we emphasize the need to respect the territorial integrity of Syria. And we believe that any country and any armed force that intends to enter any country must enter that country with the permission and at the invitation of the host country, and therefore without this permission and coordination we are against any type of entrance to a country.”