IRGC, the Iran’s main contractor!

[An IRIB report about a highway to be built by IRGC’s ‘Khatam Anbiya’ Construction Headquarters. IRGC’s considerable role in majority of economic projects in Iran gives this military organization unprecedented political and economic power in the country.]

Reporter: The highway of Khorramabad-Arak is one of the biggest road building projects in the country which is carried out by the powerful hands of specialists of ‘Khatam Anbiya’ Construction Headquarters.

–The length of this highway is about 135 kilometers. The cost of this part connecting Korramabad, Boroujerd and Arak will be about 2,000 billion tomans.

Reporter: Almost 2,500 specialists have been working to carry out this project since 2013, using the latest technology in road building industry. Traffic safety and reducing road accidents, reducing fuel consumption and depreciation of vehicles, and increasing speed of vehicles are some of the economic advantages of this national project. 10 kilometers of tunnel, more than 2 kilometers of bridges and waterways, 6 lanes for going and coming with 35 meters width and with 6% incline are some features of this highway project. In carrying it out, there will be more than more than 35 million tons of digging and embankment and 780,000 tons of asphalting.

Reporter: The traffic will start next year in large part of this national project with a length of 67 kilometers from Khorramabad to Boroujerd.