New passenger-cruise vessel!

[An IRIB report about building passenger-cruise ships in Qeshm Island, Iran.]

TV anchor: Passenger-cruise vessel called Aram, with the latest technology of the world, high capacity, and low fuel consumption, was unveiled in Qeshm.

Reporter: Unveiling of a passenger-cruise vessel called Aram in Qeshm.

–We were after vessels that can be operational in high waves that are above 5 meters. In this project, we tried to use all potentials of the country.

Reporter: Aram is an aluminum ship that is 55 meters long, 14 meters wide and 10.5 meters high. And with knowledge and efforts of domestic specialists, it will be mass-produced in Qeshm Island.

–Now, we have allocated 13 to 22 billion tomans to different kinds of it. Also, the cruise ship was unveiled. The passenger-cruise can hold 300 people and can travel 2000 kilometers in 2 to 3 days.

–We are putting all our efforts in Qeshm Free Zone to give the necessary support to investors, producers and all people who are in this network.

Reporter: This ship’s fuel consumption is 70% less compared to similar vessels, and its speed is 1.7 times more than existing passenger vessels. It means that it will travel from Qeshm to Bandar Abbas in 15 to 20 minutes.

Morteza Yasuri, IRIB news agency, Qeshm