Bagheri in Syria, what is next?

[A medley of reports about Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces of Iran visiting Syria and signing military agreement there.]

TV anchor says: Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces said, on his visit from the front line in Aleppo that advances and victories of Resistance Front have continued with courage and bravery of defenders of the shrine, and the life of these Takfiri groups has come to an end. Brigadier-General Bagheri, in meeting with fighters and defenders of the shrine, considered coordination of fighters with the Syrian army and people as exemplary, calling it the key to victory. He emphasized on continuing this process for a long time. Experts of the Zionist regime have considered the presence of Brigadier-General Bagheri in Aleppo’s war zone as a warning against the Zionist regime in preserving its territorial integrity.

Brigadier-General Bagheri asserts: In addition to negotiations we had, I became present in operational regions, and visited the operational axis where there were liberation operations were carried out before. Also, I visited regions where terrorists are present in borders between Aleppo Province and Idlib Province. I visited those fronts up-close. Also, I went to Latakia, and in Hmeimim Airport, I saw their air operations there up-close. And we also visited the region between Latakia and Homs Province.

Brigadier-General Bagheri adds: A memorandum of understanding between the two armies and the two armed forces was signed between my dear brother Brigadier-General Ali Ayoob and I, in which we reached an agreement over military development in different fields of training, operation, intelligence and other different areas.