Hassan Rouhani, Mr. Humor!


Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, took the opportunity of a speech following his announcement of new cabinet appointments on Sunday to take a swipe at the Trump administration over what the Iranian official claimed was the US administration’s lack of reliability as a partner in the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal.

After confirming that the Iranian parliament had delivered a vote of confidence in his two nominees for the cabinet posts, President Rouhani said in a speech to the assembled parliamentarians: “A ridiculous event happened in recent weeks, so It wouldn’t be a bad idea to tell that story; some say about the [JCPOA] commitment that we’ve made with each other, ‘let’s not lock it down too tight for now, let’s keep it loose.’ However, let’s discuss another topic together. This is one of the funniest statements in history, on the fact that someone [Iran] is giving a pledge or signing a treaty and they [Iran] say, ‘I’m standing by my word forever, and I’ll work based on it and will implement it conscientiously’, but my reward would be to talk about a second subject and this is debatable . But the one [the USA] who breaks down at the first obligation, he by his language and action is declaring, ‘I am not a negotiator.’ Therefore, the Americans are announcing, ‘We’re not seeking negotiation with Iran’ – but at the same time the Americans are sending messages to the East Asian countries [a reference to North Korea], saying ‘Come and negotiate with us’! Have they [North Korea] gone crazy that they’d negotiate with you [USA]?’ You’re disregarding the negotiations [on the JCPOA] that have been signed and endorsed by the UN Security Council, and how after this would they come to negotiate with you?”