No one can talk about Iran’s military power!

[In this footage, Hassan Rouhani is talking about non-negotiability of Iran’s military program.]

Rouhani says: Never have arrogant countries been weaker in the region than now. Look at Iraq, look at Syria, look at Lebanon. Even look at the oppressed people of Yemen. Where are arrogant countries victorious? Did they want to witness such conditions in Iraq? Did arrogant countries want to witness such conditions in Syria? Or the conditions in Lebanon? Why are they running about in the region? Why are they going door to door? Today greatness of ‘Islam’ and greatness of Iran is more obvious than any other time in the region. In Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, North Africa, the Gulf region, where can they take a decisive action without taking Iran into account? And it is because of our nation’s awareness, our nation’s unity, our supreme leader’s alertness.

Rouhani continues: We are all standing side by side. Our military power against the threats must be preventive so that in an emergency situation they can defend us effectively. It is the same all over the world. They all do it. No one can talk about the military power of a country which is designed based on the constitution and on defense measures and defense doctrine.

Rouhani adds: But now some people want to come and talk to us. Let them come. We will see to whose disadvantage it will be. We ask from the some of the countries. When we were innocently fighting against the invaders, who did you give your weapons to? Us or the invaders? We ask from you that in conditions when we were under the enemy’s bombshells and enemy’s bombardments and missiles, were you ready to give us air defense weapons? Do they want to negotiate with us about our military weapons? We have a lot to say.

Rouhani goes on to say: Bringing up the issue of Iran’s presence in the region and its defense power is escaping forward. Who has brought so much destruction for the people in the region? Who has destroyed Iraq? Who is helping the terrorists? Who created the terrorists? They talk too much, and you shouldn’t pay attention. If necessary, we know how to respond to them. Just as we did before. These issues were brought up before. They have never had any responses to our right words. Our path is right and steadfast. We will continue this path. There might be difficulties ahead. We are all standing against the difficulties.