Hassan Nasrallah adores Khamenei!


[In this footage, a Shiite cleric is talking about Hassan Nasrallah’s infatuation and love for Khamenei.]

Cleric: Let me say something. Throughout my life, I have had a lot of relationships in Iran, Iraq and different places. I have never seen anything like Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah’s interest in Khamenei. Now it is not right if I say that his mind, his thoughts, and his heart have been absorbed like a lover. [He is] Annihilated. When sugar is absorbed in water, the taste remains. But in annihilation… it is strange. It means that he believes [in him], he is in love. From the first day, it was the love of Imam. All Hezbollah. But he himself is somehow strange. I haven’t seen anything like that even among Iranians. Well, I haven’t seen. In his words, ‘our relationship with Vali-e Faqih [jurist] is not based on “Islamic” law.’ (I heard it myself in a private meeting.) ‘Our relationship is love.’ Just like Ashura night. I always connect this to Ashura night. It was a duty. And the companions came. Some people escaped. It was immediate news. The enemy. Doubts. And eventually, it became the Ashura night. Now imagine the tent. I even said it in Ashura night. I said that imagine we are in the tent with Imam. Then Imam Hossein tells us that you are the best companions in the world I have seen or heard of. Then he says this duty is removed from you. What will you do? We say, we are the best, we got the gold medal and then go. Then we advertise in a newspaper, in a homily, or in a network like Ofogh TV. Both this world and hereafter. Imam Hossein did not say tomorrow you will be the best. Now. They all stayed. This is not about “Islamic” law, this is about love. In words of Abbas and Ali Akbar, ‘the world will be ugly after you, it will be disgusting’.

–It means, what an ugly world!

Cleric: This belongs to lovers. This has nothing to do with ‘wajeb’, ‘mustahab’, ‘haram’. This is not duty. I saw it with my own eyes – I am not quoting others. I saw that his relationship with Agha [Khamenei] and with all Resistance Front, particularly with Agha as deputy Imam, is that of love. It is not right to say that he is insanely in love with Velayat. But it is like this, like a lover.