Iran’s regional power undefeatable!

[An IRIB report about reflection of Trump’s new position against Iran in France and EU.]

The reporter says: U.S. president’s position about the nuclear deal with Iran faced with reactions of official political circles and media in France and EU. Leaders of France, Germany, and Britain, in a joint statement, announced their support for JCPOA and emphasized on their obligation to implement it. French President Emmanuel Macron, in a phone conversation with our country’s president, expressed worries about U.S. position regarding the nuclear deal, announcing that soon he will visit Iran.

–Following Trump’s speech, it has been said that this agreement is in the hands of the Congress. But this agreement is not a domestic issue of this country. This is an agreement which is approved in UN Security Council. EU will be committed to this agreement and will implement it completely. And all its articles must be supported by all sides.

The reporter adds: Last night’s resentful speech of Donald Trump had an extensive reflection in all French media and TV and Radio networks. France 24 and France Channel 1 considered U.S. president’s speech not unexpected, and BFM also said that with this position, Trump is actually isolating the U.S. Le Monde, L’Express, and Arte TV network pointed out to last night’s speech of U.S. president, calling it declaring war with Iran.

The reporter continues: The reactions and positions of official circles and media in France and EU towards U.S. president’s speech all together show passivity and defeat of this country against Iran’s regional power.

Shahsavar Hosseini, IRIB news agency, Paris