Karrar, Iran’s advanced tank!


[An IRIB report about Iran building a new advanced tank, Karrar.]

 The reporter says: When commitment and expertise are hand in hand, the result is Karrar Tank.

The reporter adds: Karrar is equipped with electro-optic fire control system, laser distancing system, and capability to shoot at moving and fixed targets during nights and days.

–Its particular features are its being easy to use and multiple commands in which both the commander of the tank and the staff can lead and control the fire control system.

The reporter continues: Local Karrar has the capability of shooting and laser guidance very accurately, and the capability of firing by both the gunner and the commander from two parallel sites. One other capability of Karrar is having an automatic machine gun for shooting from inside the tank under different conditions. When moving in the field and water in the battlefield, Karrar can pass through difficult regions such as pits and rivers with high mobility, and the tank driver can guide it with its navigation system successfully.

The reporter goes on to say: Power, accuracy in firing, protection, and endurance in battlefield have made Karrar one the most comparable, advanced tanks in the world.

The reporter explains more: Multispectral camouflage, digital telecommunication and managing the battle scene, and capability in countering electronic warfare are other war features of Karrar.

–From choosing the material to building subsystems and eventually all the tank systems are designed and produced by themselves.

Reporter concludes: Now with the opening of the production line and building Karrar, it can be said that Iran has achieved the technology for building this iron giant, like America, Russia, and Germany.