Arabian Gulf or Persian Gulf!

[A cartoon exhibition was held in Tehran in response to Trump using Arabian Gulf in his speech about new U.S. strategy against Iran.]

–The exhibition we are in is in protest to recent remarks of U.S. President Trump, calling Persian Gulf as Arabian Gulf. Our cartoonists have gathered here to object to this issue.

–Unmeasured words of Trump about forever Persian Gulf have become an international joke, making people laugh and creating unity, unanimity, and solidarity among all groups within Iranian society. Despite the problems they have with each other over many issues, they have no problems over nationalism, patriotism, the land and their values and ideals. And they are unanimous in this regard. He made us more unified and made his own task heavier.

–Somebody like Mr. Trump must sit at home and study history. He must sit in the White House and study history, instead of trying to decide on our historical background. Before the discovery of America, here was Persian Gulf, and Iran was as vast as the whole world. And Persian Gulf was and always will be Persian Gulf.