Iran’s unveiled missile!

[Ali Akbar Raefipoor, known for his conspiracy theories, is talking about a certain kind of missile Iran has made but not revealed.]

 Raefipoor: Of some military technologies in the world, only two exist: one belongs to America and one to Iran. (As Holy Prophet said, these Iranians are in such a way that if science is in the sky, they will bring it down.) I work on defense issues and am interested in technical issues as well. Americans have made a certain kind of missile. I studied it and realized we can make it in Iran. I prepared its design – this is the first time I am telling the details here. I set up a meeting in the defense ministry. It was a particular kind of missile. When I talked about it, he (there was a guy) laughed. I said, why? He said, “it has been two years that we have made it.” I swear to God. Then they showed it to me. I enjoyed it. Well, they are not going to [announce everything]. They even had footages of testing it. It has been two years that they have made it. And that is it. They reveal some of them to prevent the enemy from invading. Preemptive measures are psychological warfare.