Passenger planes will be sanctioned too!

[A medley of two reports about ratification of new sanctions in U.S. House of Representatives, banning selling aircraft to Iran.]

 Reporter: Violating JCPOA again. U.S. House of Representatives, in its most recent anti-JCPOA measures, voted for a legislation, aiming at preventing selling commercial airplanes to Iran. Implementing this ratification means reaching a deadlock with regard to Iran’s purchasing aircraft from Boeing, and even creating serious problems for Airbus’s contract with Iran. Member of the supervisory board over JCPOA [Ali Akbar Velayati] considered ratification of this legislation as a violation of JCPOA and another reason for distrusting the U.S.

Ali Akbar Velayati: Certainly, it is a violation of JCPOA, because they were committed to creating necessary facilitations in economic fields and foreign relations, or at least to not creating any obstacles.

Reporter: What will be the countermeasure against this?

Ali Akbar Velayati: No doubt, we will bring this up in the council overseeing the implementation of JCPOA. And we will address it in the supervisory board’s session.

TV anchor: U.S. House of Representatives banned selling aircraft to Iran. In Iran, Ali Akbar Velayati, member of the supervisory board over JCPOA, called this U.S. measure as a violation of JCPOA, saying that Iran’s countermeasure in this regard will be decided in supervisory board’s session. 9 months ago, Iran Air had signed a contract with American Boeing to purchase 80 aircraft, and they were going to be delivered to Iran over 10 years. Donald Trump, for the second time since entering the White House, is going to decide about the suspension of Iran’s oil and banking sanctions. Kamran Najafzadeh gives us more details.

Reporter: Well let me tell you we are witnessing developments in the U.S. regarding Iran. One of them is this ratification of U.S. House of Representatives, banning selling aircraft and its parts to Iran. But actually, this is not the end of the story. From House of Representatives, it should go to the Senate, and senators must decide about it. And if it is ratified there, where the Republicans have the majority, then it goes to the White House to be signed by Trump. And after that, selling aircraft to Iran will be banned. If you remember, last year the House of Representatives passed a similar legislation, but then it went to the Senate and was abandoned there. Therefore, the issue of selling aircraft and banning it is not completely decided it yet. On the other hand, sources close to the White House say that Trump will probably sign suspension of sanctions against Iran. Of course, this issue is different from approving Iran’s commitment to JCPOA by the U.S. That takes place every 90 days, which will be in October, and they have to decide about it in a few days. So the issue of Iran’s commitment to JCPOA is different from what will probably happen today. And Trump will sign the suspension of sanctions against Iran for 120 days.