Zarif’s concern of regional security and stability!

[An IRIB report about FM Zarif’s trip to Oman and Qatar.]

Zarif notes: Almost all countries – both countries that are members of JCPOA, meaning those other 5 countries that are members of JCOPA and European Unions, as well as other members of international community – they all support JCPOA, observing JCPOA and JCPOA’s being non-negotiable.

The reporter says: JCPOA is non-negotiable. This was the most important reminder of Iran’s foreign minister to U.S. officials, in the sideline of his trip to Oman. This two-day trip started with visiting Muscat, Oman’s capital, and with the slogan of regional convergence. In these meetings, both sides emphasized on expanding bilateral relations and trade cooperation and also discussed regional and international developments, including Syria, Yemen, and developments in Northern Iraqi Kurdistan.

Zarif states: Omanis almost have identical stances with Iran, and there is convergence in almost all positions on an international level.

The reporter continues: Regional talks, aiming at strengthening regional security and stability. This is the issue that sent Iran’s foreign minister for consultation to Doha, Qatar. This is the first trip of Iran’s foreign minister to Qatar after tension between this country and some members of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Reporter concludes: Our country’s foreign minister will consult with this country’s Emir and foreign minister in next few hours, to discuss important bilateral and regional issues. After sanctions by 4 countries of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Emirates, and Bahrain, Qatar has enhanced its relations with Iran.

Nazi Ranjabar, IRIB